Who are We?

This website is here to provide latest information in the area of litigation especially trade mark or other intellectual property litigation.

This blog site intends to provide legal information such as case nad legislation updates in the arean of litigation in all relevant jurisdictions. We welcome your participate in our platform if youn are interestedn in this area of law. We are espcially interested in the jurisdictions with common law legal system, such as Hong Kong, UK, etc. Under the legal system as framed by the Basic Law, Hong Kong is mainly in the practice of common law as inherited from Britain. The civil legal procedure is also formed following the English civil procedure but with some differences. This website will publish the updated cases, laws and analysis in the area of civil litigaiton in Hong Kong.

Professionals in the practice of this area are welcome to contribute your articles and opinions. Please send your email to info@trademarklawlitigation.com. Enjoy reading.